Producing partners - Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia

Facilities - Bulgaria, Serbia

Sales offices - Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary

Qualified suppliers - Canada, Argentina, Myanmar, Vietnam, Pakistan, India

Bulgaria and Romania

RBL's headquarters are situated in Bulgaria. The company develops farming projects and organizes collection and storing of agro-products grown in Bulgaria and Romania. The raw materials are being processed and packed in our two facilities (one for pulses and other for rice), which are equipped with modern cleaning and processing lines with sieving machines, distoner, metal detector, sortex machine. From Bulgaria the ready products are exported to various destinations.

Products: White beans, Green lentils, Chickpeas, Green peas, Coriander seeds, Sunflower kernels, Medium grain rice, Round grain rice.


In Kirgyzstan we operate through joint-venture. Our production facility there is equipped with a high number of modern processing machines for cleaning, calibrating, colour-sorting and packaging. Farming projects are involved to assure the whole process from harvesting through processing to exporting of the goods. Our personnel is well trained to control the quality of the final product, as well as to perform all necessary logistic operations for fast and effective transportation.

Products: White kidney beans, Light speckled kidney beans.



The company has its office on the teritorry of Ethiopia since the year 2008. All activities here are based on long-term relationship with approved suppliers. Our experienced team controls the execution of contracts and arranges save shipment of cargo from Ethiopia to port of Djibouti. All our Ethiopian partners are equipped with processing and sortex machines. Handpicked selection quality is also possible.

Products: White small beans, Pinto beans, Red kidney beans, Black beans.

Canada, USA, Argentina

RBL cooperates with reliable and approved partners in Canada, USA and Argentina.

Products: White Alubia beans, White Navy beans, White Great Northern beans, Pinto beans, Red kidney beans, Green lentils.

Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Thailand

RBL has established long-term relationship with approved suppliers in Vietnam, Pakistan, India and Thailand and delivers to the clients in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia from these origins using effective logistics solutions.

Products: Long grain rice, Parboiled long grain rice, Basmati long grain rice.

Cambodia and Myanmar

Rice for our EU clients is supplied from Myanmar and Cambodia taking advantage of duty-free import in EU from these origins. The only Medium grain rice produced in Far East originates from Myanmar. RBL has reliable partners in these countries.

Products: Long grain rice, Parboiled long grain rice, Medium grain rice.